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Too Comfortable

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

I don’t know about you, but I like to get comfortable when I’m at home for the night. I was sitting on my bed talking with Josh when he asked if I would mind going to the store to get a movie from RedBox. I was still dressed, so I hopped up, grabbed my purse and headed for Walmart.

I had just started the dishwasher and needed more dishwasher detergent, so I was glad to go to the store by myself for a few minutes. As I parked the car and walked toward the entrance, I felt the blood leave my face as I realized I had forgotten to put my bra back on!!! Thankfully, I was wearing a camisole under my shirt, but I was still paranoid and embarrassed. I suppose I fit right in with the!

As the boys and I drove thru Starbucks this morning, the boys noticed several bright butterflies on the bushes next to the drive thru. Owen’s favorite color is orange and one of the biggest ones we saw was orange. The picture isn’t great because I used my phone, but I thought I’d post it anyway.

I Will Survive

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Today is the day the boys have been excitedly waiting for for over a month; their trip to the dentist!

Who would’ve thought an awaiting dental appointment would cause my normally grumpy five year old to hop out of bed with a smile on his face? Sister Bear was almost in tears that she had to go to school and did not get to come with us to the dentist! lol.

Unfortunately, I did not arrange for a babysitter so I will be toting five children with me. This should be interesting. Thanks to my new phone, I can now take pictures without looking goofy with my camera around my neck at the dentist. I’ll update later and add the pictures.

Time to pack diapers, bottles, juice, snacks, books, etc., so we’re NOT the main spectacle in the office!




Here are some pics from our ONE HOUR/ABSOLUTE MIRACLE adventure at the dentist:

The dentist was a complete success. A few pieces of cheese and some hot wheels cars worked wonders on the babies as they zoomed all three boys through x-rays and cleaning in one hour. An absolute miracle!
Can I just add one more miracle that baffles my mind…..I can send myself a picture from my phone through a text message to my email account so I can then put the picture online. From the time I press “send” on my phone until my computer tells me I have a new email: THREE SECONDS!?!


Very cool. Technology is amazing.

You would think after three parrots children, I would have learned my lesson as far as what I say in front of them. Apparently I haven’t quite learned my lesson yet because as my sister-in-law got in the car a few hours after the dentist, she asked Joshua how the appointment went and whether or not he’d need a filling for a cavity that we already knew he had. His response was, “No, mommy said I have to get this hideous silver thing over my tooth until it falls out in FIVE YEARS!” (I guess he heard me complaining to my hubby! Oops again!) Yes, since the cavity is between two teeth, they cannot use a regular filling and instead will have to, as Joshua heard me say, cap it with a hideous silver cap until it falls out when he’s TWELVE! Don’t smile too big for the camera honey we don’t want them to see your bad tooth!
Lord, help me! haha!

Jesus Is Not Bipolar: Confessions of a Homeschool Mom

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Yes, Ali and Kelli, I USED IT! LOL!!

I attended a homeschooling “Moms’ Night Out” last night and it was MUCH NEEDED. Isn’t it amazing how a few hours with some like-minded company can lift your spirits, drag you out of the trenches, and give you that extra push you didn’t even know you needed? That is what last night did for me.

One of the last conversations we had was about us, as mothers (particularly homeschooling moms who are with all of their children, day in and day out), being Jesus to our children. Pretty scary, huh? Of course bantered back and forth at the sorry job we all feel we do at showing Jesus to our children through our day-to-day living, but Kelli really got us howling when she said,

“My poor children probably think Jesus is BIPOLAR!”

One minute we’re in the Word, using soft and kind words to encourage and direct our children, then suddenly someone sets you off, and as you fly off your rocker, you’re yelling and spanking and using all of those unkind words you spoke to them about just twenty minutes before.


The fact is, we’re ALL sinners, saved by GRACE alone and our sanctification process will be ongoing until the day we die. The important thing is that, like Ali pointed out, we go to our children and acknowledge when we’ve acted out of our flesh, apologize, and reconcile with our children. What better way to show them Jesus and teach them about the mercy He has shown us, then by humbling ourselves unto our children and showing them that not only does mommy make plenty of mistakes, but that we’re humble and honest enough to admit when we’ve done wrong and ask their forgiveness.

What an incredible calling, to be a mother. I think motherhood is just one more way for the Father to show us just how desperately we need Him. How else can we do this job successfully? It’s hard enough being a mother on the days when we DO spend time in His word before the kids get up! I can only imagine how dispaired mothers must feel who do not know the Lord at all.

A few things I hope to write about and get your feedback on over the next several days are: what kind of creative correction works in your home, and what are some of your plans for the kids this summer. I’m not talking about big plans, but little ones, like craft ideas, daily routines, summer chores…those kinds of plans. I look forward to your feedback!

Happy Friday Ya’ll!


Freaky Friday

Friday, April 30th, 2010

The two toddlers are screaming and bickering (I hated that word as a kid; my mom used it ALL the time…oh my word, I’m turning into my mother!! LOL).

Baby Bear spits up constantly.

I just switched back to cloth diapers so I could take “Diapers- $80” out of the monthly budget, just in time for Baby Bear to start teething, which just happens to make him POOP like crazy! **gross!**

I have a meeting in two hours and desperately need a shower, BUT I also have to run to the store because Baby Bear is officially out of formula.

This is not the Friday I was looking forward to.

I can’t help but remember that today marks “30 days” since we last heard anything about our girls and we were told we’d hear something one way or the other within 30 days. The chances of us hearing from DFCS on a Friday is slim to none…I’m banking on none.

Have you ever noticed that there are certain things that make you feel like your house is relatively clean? For me it is a clean/cleared off dining room table, empty kitchen sink (and preferably counters!), and a made bed. It’s definitely easier to clean when things are already “tidy”.

Oh geez, Owen is crying AGAIN so we better get out the door before the walls come crashing down…and it isn’t even 9am!